01. We'd better get some extra [blankets] for the bed tonight; it's going to get pretty cold.
02. The mother bent down to kiss the baby as she covered him with a soft wool [blanket].
03. The fields around the farmhouse were [blanketed] with mist when we woke up in the morning.
04. The government has put a [blanket] ban on any descriptions of homosexual love.
05. We had to wash the sheets and [blankets] because the baby threw up in bed.
06. The city was covered in a thick [blanket] of smog.
07. The gas that surrounds a star acts as a [blanket] that holds in the star's internal heat.
08. This [blanket] will help warm you up.
09. When we came back to our picnic basket, we found that there were ants all over our [blanket], and even in our food.
10. In the early part of Canada's history, European settlers gave [blankets] infected with disease to the native people in order to reduce their population.
11. Every Christmas, she gives out food and [blankets] to the homeless.
12. Aid workers have are asking for donations of [blankets] and food items to help survivors of the earthquake.
13. My son used to have a favorite baby [blanket] that he carried around everywhere.
14. Andrea collected old bits of different colored fabric to sew into a beautiful [blanket].
15. We put our [blanket] on the grass, and sat down to have lunch.
16. Jesse Jackson once remarked that America is not like a [blanket] - one piece of unbroken cloth, the same color, the same texture, the same size.
17. The puppy was shaking with cold, so we wrapped it up in a [blanket] and took it inside.
18. Gioacchino Rossini covered himself with [blankets] when he composed music.
19. A Pakistani proverb suggests that a fat woman is a [blanket] for the winter.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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